Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to a new week, guys! I hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day and taking time off to just chill and relax. I just wanted to take the time out to post a poem that I just wrote entitled, Wind. As I woke up today, no less than 30 minutes ago...The wind was running rampant outside of the window. And I just felt inspired to write this piece.
Enjoy! ;-)

As you blow, you tell so many stories
You catch our attention

As you move so rapidly, you cause us to slow down

You make us think
You make us take in the all of the breeze that you are exhaling

As we inhale the after effects in all of its motion

For a change is on the rise

You can look at the sky, the ever so colorful leaves and the different tone in the atmosphere

Oh, wind...

Your story of Autumn is so beautiful

And as you continue to tell your story
I will continue to listen, watch and take heed....


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