Sunday, September 11, 2011


Aren't these ads just beautiful? I look at these pictures and really become very confused on how we have changed from this. Now don't get me wrong, I completely understand that things change with time; beliefs, styles, trends etc... But when did it ever go out of style to be your natural self in all aspects?

To me, this goes deeper than wearing natural hair or even the ads. What happened to Black owned hair stores, what happened to commercials with Black people in them that actually put us in a positive light...What about self-acceptance? It would make a hell of a difference if we saw ads like these in our neighborhoods and duct-taped on modern day hair stores. Think of how children of today would respond to this compared to seeing people of other ethnic groups always representing a product that a business wants us to buy. What happened to our OWN?

I could go on and on, but I'd just like to post those questions and concerns to say that this was a truly beautiful time for our people. I wasn't even born during the 70s, but from a cultural standpoint, it ain't hard to tell that there was much more love and respect for thyself and the community during this decade and it showed in everything we did. The way we wore our hair, the kind of music we listened to and the major moves that we were making as a people when it came to education and business. A true sign of heightening the intellect and pushing forward through turbulent times.

And I highly suggest that you all watch the commercials posted below, which is what I came across initially. They are entertaining, message-driven and even funny at times to say the least. This is deeper than the shine of the sheen yall, this is about our community...What happened?

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