Friday, June 4, 2010

Current TV is one of the most informative and refreshing stations on cable/satellite tv. Their documentaries are by far some of the best that I have seen. These documentaries ranging from the topics of music, movies to homosexual awareness. You name it, THEY SHOW IT...And it is needed. Today, I happened to come across a documentary on a troubled Native American reservation camp in South Dakota. Rosebud, South Dakota has a high crime, rape and sexual assault rate amongst its community. This caught my attention because I have always known of the crimes that have plagued these camps; as well as, the depressive and abusive state of the people their, but seeing this video proved it all to be that more true. Without giving too much of this video away, I just want all people who have a heart for mankind and the world around you to watch this. This just goes to show what can happen to people when everything is taken away from them that they know to be real. And being that blood from indigenous Indians of America runs through my veins, it makes it that much harder for me to watch this. Our ancestors wouldn't have wanted this. We need to make a change, one day at a time.
"One nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all". - America

More on this documentary and Current TV: click here

Picture: Dakota Indian Woman in a concentration camp in the late 19th century



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