Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So many of us music lovers complain about music being " too negative", "lame", "not the way it used to be" and even "dead". Well I am here to squash all of that chatter, why? Because a classic album is being released today by a classic artist.

Dres, of the legendary Hip Hop group, The Black Sheep, is releasing his long-awaited album, From The Black Pool of Genius, today and Hip Hop fans are ecstatic! A lot of people may think that this is Dres's first album release since Black Sheep's debut, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing in 1991, which isn't true. Since then, Dres has decided to carry on the group's name by himself while releasing several albums and touring all over the world ALL in the name of Hip Hop.

Recently, Dres has been giving sneek peaks of a couple songs off of his new album on the internet and I also just listened to the songs on iTunes. After reviewing these songs, I am here to say that Dres's unique flow and clever lyrics reign throughout all of these songs and his golden touch on the mic has not tainted. Not to mention, he has AZ, Q-Tip, Mike G of the Jungle Brothers and Dave of De La Soul also on this record, just to name a few!

Dres has really out done himself with this new record and I cannot wait for fans to cop it. Dres is a very humble, intelligent and down to earth man. From seeing many of his interviews, I can tell that when it comes to making an album....He puts his heart and soul into it and proof of this can be found on his new album. So please go to iTunes or your local internet music store and buy this album; support GOOD MUSIC!

Here is a song off his new album called "Party Tonight" Featuring Jean Grae. I am really feeling this song, you can also click the link to download the full song if you please.

Have a great day, everyone! Blessings!

From The Black Pool of Genius on iTunes
Dres of Black Sheep's website
Dres's twitter



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