Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ok, so I watched VH1's Hip Hop Honors honoring the "Dirty South" last night on VH1, and I was not pleased. On a scale of 1 to 10, i'll give the show a 4.5-5. Honoring Southern Hip Hop in general is already a touchy subject in the eyes of many Hip Hop fans. The South's music has always been downplayed and seen as "too country" or not "hip hop enough" by other regions, so I knew that this show was going to be interesting in the way that they honored the south.

I was happy to see Uncle Luke, No Limit Records, and Organized Noize be honored...But what about Cashmoney Records? And I know that Outkast turned down the offer to be honored, but damn, I couldn't stop thinking during the show how excellent it would be if they were there. Also, Timbaland's tribute was poppin' because of Missy Elliot (you already know she wasn't going to let him down). She pulled out a couple of songs from the early 2000's that we all loved, but what was up with Fabolous and Keri Hilson performing songs that came out like 3 years ago? Timbaland has so many classics that date back to the 90s that I know SOMEBODY could've put performances to them. But when you have a studio audience that gets more excited to see DRAKE come out and perform a southern classic that he shouldn't have performed more than seeing Nelly and Murphy Lee perform "Southernplayatisticadillacmuzik" then you know what kind of show you are dealing with.

I mean, there is so much more that I can say about the show but I will leave it at that. Also, many people wondered where Scarface was last night, well see what he had to say about this "dirty dirty" show in his own words:

I was nominated [to be honored at the "Dirty South" VH1 Hip Hop Honors] but I declined to accept because I don't wanna be classified as just “Dirty South.” I'm Hip Hop, man. I’m not going because I feel slighted. Even though it was a nice gesture, I feel like it’s just a pacifier. They’re like, “Let’s give these n***as down there a pacifier so they can stop feeling left out. We’ll make Luke and all these n***as down here look funny,” you know? “Let’s put a plate of fried chicken and some watermelon and let’s just do some n***a-ass s**t.” (laughs) Quote, end quote. "Some n***a-ass s**t." Fried chicken and watermelon. "s**t, the faster we get this over with, the better."
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Well, if you all watched the show...How did you feel? I'd love to hear your opinions. And to Southern Hip Hop, thank you for the inspiration and the realness that you brought to light and for ultimately putting the south on the map.

Peace, yall!

P.S. What the fuck was up with that ending? Rick Ross, Pitbull? Then Jermaine Dupri tributing to So So Def by himself? Oh, no!



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