Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have very, VERY exciting news for all of my music-heads in Nashville. The amazingly talented, Res will be there next month on July 15th to perform in concert at 2nd Avenue Live. If that isn't enough, two other amazing artists will also be performing, Ya Za and Denitia Odigie AND this will be a triple album release party (YAY!).

Res has always been one of my favorite artists and I have always felt that she does not get enough credit for her music and unique sound. I have been a fan since her debut album, "How I Do", and I am so excited to hear that she will be in Nashville. After just recently being introduced to Ya Za and Denitia Odigie's music, I must admit that I am in love. Ya Za's sweet and melodic voice is one of a kind. And the way she uses her vocals on her different beats is phenomenal. Denitia Odigie is quite a trendsetter as well, with her soothing lyrics, voice and captivating beats. This show should go down in history, because these three sisters are all BAD in their own way. And I cannot wait for the people of Nashville to be hit by there music.

DaKatalyZt MUZIXITY MC, who I've fore mentioned on my blog, has made it possible for Nashvillians to hear these three beautiful women in one concert and for that we are thankful. To learn more about these three artists, follow the links below.

PLEASE spread the word, everybody! This will be a night of music to remember! Got out and show your support and I will also keep you all posted on this event.

Order your tickets in advance here

Ya Za
Denitia Odigie


Fatou N'diaye said...

hello girl!! thanks to ur message on my blog!! u can read it in english!! i put google translator on my blog u could see it on the right side kiss

PurpleSkyyys said...

Peace, sis!


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