Monday, May 17, 2010

What's up yall?!
I am happy to report that there is hope for HIP HOP and TODAY'S MUSIC and that it will be proven this week. On Tuesday, two amazing albums will be coming out by some of my favorite artists. Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek, collectively known as "Reflection Eternal", will be releasing an album on Tuesday entitled "Revolutions Per Minute". These two have not released an album together since their 2000 debut, "Train of Thought". But it has been 10 years and fans are excited to hear what kind of magic Talib has laid to wax, lyrically, and Tek, musically. From the tracks that I have heard, fans will not be disappointed.

Next up to release an album is my MAIN MEN, Damian Marley and Nas. Just thinking about it makes me anxious (lol). As a duo, they have entitled their album, "Distant Relatives", but the chemistry between them on this album is far from distant. This album was set to be released months ago but due to label problems, it has been pushed back several times. I am happy to hear that fans will finally be able to cop this joint and when I tell you that from the couple of songs that I heard that this album is crazy, ITS CRAZY!

Below, I have a video of Tek and Talib performing some of the singles from their album. I also have a footage of Nas and Damian making the video for their single "As We Enter". I really hope that you all go out and support these two albums because these men work hard to put out good and conscious music during a time where positive music is unheard or swept under the rug. With that being said, enjoy your week and COP THESE ALBUM!
One love
P.S. The Nati is proud of you, Hi Tek! Cincinnati, stand up!

For more info on these groups:
Reflection Eternal
Distant Relatives



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