Monday, March 8, 2010

Are you all familiar with this song?

If you aren't, then let me give you a lil' history on it. This song was on N.E.R.D's Seeing Sounds LP, which was released in 2008. I really like this song, but what I did not know was that there was a demo done by the amazing artist Res. Res, Santigold and Pharrrell all co-wrote the song, and Res recorded it first but for the album, Pharrell did the final version. I happened to stumble across her demo, which I though was amazing but I also came across a remix of her demo.

This demo was done by a Nashville artist named DaKatalyZt. I love they way he remixed this song by adding a couple verses and simply repeating some of the things that Res said. This dude is very creative and I am currently doing more research on him and his music. It is also interesting that I currently go to school in Nashville and that he also lives here as well. I would definitely love to see him perform here in the future.

Keep doing ya things, DaKatalyZt! And happy MONDAY, guys!

DaKatalyZt: myspace page
youtube channel


DaKatalyZt said...
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DaKatalyZt said...

dial (615)627-8259 to buy muzik from DaKatalyZt

Barefoot in Blue said...

huge fan! Keep it up fellas...<3


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