Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I would love to look like this. The Queen of Blending (Lauren), a creative and very imaginative makeup artist, created this amazing look based off of inspiration from the cartoon character, Rainbow Brite.

Adorable, right? I totally forgot about Rainbow Brite, to be honest with you... So I could not re-call who she was trying to portray through her makeup. And after doing her makeup, she even said that she realized that it came out a little different than the way she expected it to...But loves it the same way, and so do I.

She calls is "Gangster Rainbow Brite", but I call it dope ass techniques. Guys, if I post pictures of myself November 1st and I have random blotches of makeup all over my face because I attempted to be Rainbow Brite... DON'T JUDGE ME! lol

Check her out! (I the streaks in her hair)

QueenofBlending Youtube Channel
QueenofBlending Website



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