Monday, October 31, 2011

I am a strong 22 years old today and I am so happy to see what this new year has in store for me. I feel very blessed to be here today and to have experienced all that I have experienced thus far in life. This past week and weekend has been truly magical for me, guys. I have received so much love from so many people and it has shown me what is really important in life and how much I mean to people.

Just wanted to stop by to put a lil' something, something out there and to say thank YOU ALL for all of your love and support throughout the time that I have been operating Purpleskyyys. It has truly been an outlet for me to post things that I love, feel and want to inspire with.

Enjoy your day, and make it a great one!



it'sok2bu*nique* said...


pretty pic:)

*Tasha said...

Inna!!! I ABSOLUTELY love this pic!!! Simply gorgeous, my darling!!!!

PurpleSkyyys said...

Thanks, girls!


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