Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hello, my fellow followers!!!!
I am so sorry for my absence on my blog recently. Things in life have been HELLA crazy, midterms just came around and life in general is just shaping into something new and different for me. I know that you all understand, so I beg your pardon lol....


Tonight's post is dedicated to all of the lovers our there. No, I don't mean those that are booed up (although this would be a lovely song for you), I mean those that are in love with soulful, R&B love songs. Well, this song is dedicated to you.

Teena Marie and Rick James really out did themselves with their 1981 classic, "Fire and Desire".
This song to me is the epitome of hot, compassionate love. If any person ever says that they want a dose of real R&B/Soul....Then this song NEEDS to be put on heavy rotation. Teena's sweet, yet powerful soprano reigns throughout this song, while Rick's rugged and soulful tone makes the ladies just want to fall out of their seats blushing...I mean the song will do something to you.

Listening to this song made me realize that they just don't make songs like this anymore and the universe does not birth artists like this anymore (smh). This song is a true classic, and will go down in history for probably being one of the earliest "baby-making songs" recorded in the 1980s. I know you all will enjoy this as much as I did....and that Rick and Teena makes it that much better *winks*.....Have a great week, yall! Peace



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