Friday, March 12, 2010

I hope everyone had a great Friday and that your weekend is starting off right. At, today was Sade Day and I went totally bonkers. I just love Sade's music; to me she is in her own league of music. I can't even put her sound into a box, it is so unique and profound to me. I really hope that she considers doing a world tour because I would love to see her in the US in concert or even doing a callabo with a US artist would be nice.....WE WANT TO SEE MORE OF HER (lol)!

On another note, It seems like in a lot of cities today it rained (like it has here) and I feel that alot of Sade's music goes right along with that kind of mood.....calm, soothing and chilling....That's why I had to come on here and post one of my favorite songs of all times, Love Is Stronger Than Pride. The lyrics to this song always get me and I just love the instrumentation of the song. Sade really put her heart and soul into this song and you can feel it.

I hope you all enjoy this live performance, stay up and have a blessed weekend!



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