Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Didn't I say that Erykah Badu was about to come at yall a**es again with the realest talk?

Well she is back, like I promised with the first single off of her soon to come LP, entitled, New Amerykah Part II, Return of the Ankh. "Jump Up In The Air" has an undeniable beat that I love, and the rigid male voice that you hear on the chorus is that of the sexy soul singer, Bilal.....But what has shocked Badu's fans and even me is that she chose to put the world's most controversial rapper on the track....Mr. Weezy F. Baby. Now, I have never really been a fan of Lil' Wayne since his Cashmoney Millionaire days, so I really cut up the whole idea of him being on the track. I feel like the song is a hit with our without him......I will let you all be the judges on that.

But as for Ms. Badu, I am so happy that she has come out with some new music. I have really been craving the music of some of the artists that really molded my taste of music like Erykah. I love her music and her hustle and this video is a true piece of art, which I really appreciate because she always comes out of the left field with her videos and their concepts. According to her, this album will really move her fans because she feels that she went back to her days of Baduizm on this new LP and if so....Then it must be a classic.

I wish Ms. Badu love and prosperity with this new album, I know that it will have a distinct message and create musical frequencies that we have never heard before. What do you all think of the song and video?




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