Tuesday, February 9, 2010

To one of the most moving and prolific African American writers of the 20th century,

Happy Birthday, Alice Walker!
A true African American Queen is what this woman is. She has made her place in Black History by using her words and creating stories that capture the hearts and souls of Americans, because she is indeed telling stories that relate to who we are. Much respect and honor is due to this woman.

Her work means a lot to me because she wrote the bestseller and award winning book, The Color Purple, which was later turned into a movie that is one of my favorite movies of all times. I used to watch the movie almost everyday in 7th grade (I know it was extreme, but I loved it). The movie touched my heart and soul because it told a story about my ancestors that I would have never been able to know about without the movie. The fact that I have an old soul and that most of my family is from the south also made me fall in love with this movie. It reminds me of the great stories about Fort Valley, Georgia that my Great Grandmother and Great Aunt used to tell me about "back in day". The characters and the story line were brilliant; a true tale of the African American lifestyle and culture of the early 20th century is what this movie represented and is still held to high esteem within Hollywood cinema today.

So thank you, Ms. Walker for your contribution to our culture and Black history through your work. I now leave you with the climax scene of the movie, which is one of my favorite parts...

"I'm poor, black, I may even be ugly
But dear, God...I'm here, I'M HERE"!

More info on Alice Walker: HERE



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