Monday, August 29, 2011

This past weekend I went to the mall with my Mom, so she could pick up what I thought was one item, which turned into about 4....I digress. And as we hit the shoe section in Dillard's, I happened to feast my eyes on these UGG boots.

Now, I must say that I have not worn this style of boot since my Junior year in high school. This was around the time that I dressed more preppy and Ugg type boots had just hit the scene and fit my style. But for some reason, I was automatically drawn to these sparkly shoes. I think that they are really cute, very flashy, but cute. They obviously could not be worn with any other item of clothing that would literally "outshine" them, but if dressed up with some solid color, modest clothing they would look great.

Maybe its the little girl in me that has always liked sparkly shiny things, I mean what little girl doesn't? I must say that these shoes really add a new and different style to what is considered Fall and Winter shoewear.

So what's the call; would you kick it in these? I honestly think that I might have to get a pair of purple or black ones for Christmas. Santa, do you hear me?

UGG Classic Short Sparkles

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Ag said...

I am really not a fan of UGGs I don't know. But some people pull them off well! I'd get the black or purple ones as well!!!

Anonymous said...

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