Sunday, August 21, 2011

Like Mary J. Blige said in one of her greatest and most profound songs, "Say what's on your mind and you'll find in time that all the negative energy, it wall all cease." And I could go on and on with the rest of the lyrics, but I am going to focus on this one, specifically.

Today, I want to do a really quick post just to send some inspiration and information to you all out there. And it all has to do with EXPRESSION. Too many times in life, we feel obligated to suppress our feelings and what we believe in. I might want to do one thing, but Timmy and Jenny may not want to....So I guess, I won't do it either because I don't want to be the odd ball out. This mentality of conformity and self-degradation has to stop.

Now is the time, being that the season is slowly changing and we are transitioning from Summer into Fall where true atmospheric change is occurring. Thus, we have to go along with nature and begin to change and improve our own human nature. It is time to stop being afraid, it is time to open our mouths....And it is time to be who we want to be.

The reason why I am saying this is because, recently I have been confronted with a lot of things and/or people that have been trying to block or bring me down to a level of unconsciousness that no longer serves me. People and things like this must be shook off, word to Mariah.

Don't let change bring you down folks, don't let people keep you from opening up your heart and mind to new ideas and aspirations....It all starts with the mind, then you have to focus on the mouth...speak into the atmosphere what you want your present state to be and what you want your future to hold. It is all up to YOU.

Love and Peace, guys!



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