Monday, August 29, 2011

Today would've been Michael Joseph Jackson's 53rd birthday and I must honor his life this year, as I do EVERY YEAR.

I mean, I could go into detail about all of his accolades and what he has accomplished musically, what records he broke as far as sales go etc etc... But I just want to touch on what his music and life meant to me.

I fell in love with Michael Jackson and his music when I first saw the Motown 25 tape that my parents recorded back in the 80s when the show originally aired. This is the show that he premiered the Moonwalk on and performed Billie Jean for the first time. And not to mention, riding in my Dad's car and him always having a Jackson 5 cassette (yes, cassette) on heavy rotation.

But I must say I became a true fan after I got addicted to the movie The Wiz in 7th grade and watched it everyday after school. There were so many instances that I can say I fell in love with Michael. But what honestly made me love Michael so much was not his music, it was the human being that he was. It seemed as if everything that he did, he did it for the people. He was a very self-less person and created his music to help others. In his own words, " [music] it's a form of escapism" from the reality that we have to deal with everyday and i'm sure from the internal problems that he dealt with everyday.

This is why millions of people, WORLDWIDE adored this man when he was alive and will adore him forever. So I just want to post some of Michael's songs from his J5 days all the way up into his solo career that I feel are very underrated songs that I feel you all will enjoy.

Have a great week and put a lil' Michael on your iPod or in your CD playlist, it won't hurt.



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