Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yall, when I ran across this video last night... My heart jumped with joy. I was SO young when this came out, but I do remember hearing it on the radio. All of the girls at school and on the school bus would sing this song, in UNISON...Back in the day, when songs would made you feel like you were actually one of the singers. Pardon me: *Having Flashbacks*

"This Lil' Game We Play"
was sung by the Chicago bred group, Subway, featuring the ever so soulful R&B group, 702. I didn't even know 702 was singing on this song until now, and this was also before Kameelah Williams joined the group. And to know that Gerald Levert co-wrote and produced this song is amazing. So if anybody ever asks me what the 90s sounded like to me, I will automatically direct them to this song. That R&B flavor with a little bit of Hip Hop flair is what I love about this, and let's not even get on the 90s apparel. We could go on for days. LOL

I know my people who grew up in the 90s will appreciate this one. Do you guys remember this?


*Tasha said...

Love the flashback!!


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