Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Although the name Thundercat may not ring your musical bell as a name that you recognize when it comes to artists…He is indeed no stranger to the game. For the past two decades, he and his bass guitar have created musical magic as he has played for Erykah Badu, Shafiq Hussain, Sa-Ra, Bilal, Flying Lotus and the Punk Rock band, Suicidal Tendencies.

It is Thundercat's enchanting, yet mystical voice and bass that you can hear on Flying Lotus's track, "Mmmhmm", which in a way was an introduction for us listeners to get a feel for his musical talents, individually. And with that being said, it is no surprise that Flying Lotus has been named the producer of Thundercat's highly anticipated solo album entitled, The Golden Age of Apocalypse.

This album that has actually unofficially been in the progress for years and is set to be released around August on I suspect that the sound of this album will be like nothing else that we usually hear. And with Thundercat really being able to come out of his shell, musically, and really allowing us into his musical world...I feel like this album will be a classic (I'm just saying).

He has recently released one of the LP's tracks entitled, "For Love I Come", which is a remake of the great musician, George Duke's, 70's funk/soul hit, "For Love (I Come Your Friend)". And the way Thundercat added a psychedelic/electronic feel to it, really shows off his musical talents. For all of my remake lovers out there, believe me, this song will leave you oh, so very satisfied. And it will take you to another place.

I am so very excited about this album's release, primarily, because I have been a follower of Thundercat's musical work for a while now. But moreover, because I feel like it is time for a true change in music; for a new sound to be born. And I feel that Thundercat will be one of the leaders of this movement; just as E.Badu and Flying Lotus have paved the way.

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Peace and blessings, my people!



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