Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Purple is my power color. Purple is my neutral. If I were a color, I’d be purple."

Beauty and lifestyle blogger, Patrice Elizabeth Grell Yursik, of had the opportunity of a lifetime a couple months ago. Her and several other beauty bloggers were given the opportunity to come up with their own idea for a new product for MAC cosmetics. They had the option of creating a lipglass or eyeshadow product for a new and limited line of products entitled "Bloggers' Obsessions", wicked idea, right???

Well, Patrice knew immediately that she wanted to create some kind of lipglass that women of all colors could wear and look fabulous in, and she did just that. She came up with a very deep, yet fruity color purple that I think is so sexy yet elegant. She decided to call it, "All of My Purple Life", as a tribute to one of her favorite movies, Purple Rain, and to Purple being her favorite color.

Patrice stated in her post at Afrobella about her experience that not only is Purple her favorite color, but it is her power color. And it is so funny that she said that, because I feel the same way. Although it is not my personal favorite color, it is color that gives off a true vibe. A vibe that people are automatically attracted to. And that is exactly what this new lipglass has to offer, sassiness, power and fun.

I know that all makeup lovers are going to go crazy over this; it such a beautiful product. And congratulations to Patrice for such a major accomplishment and for showing us that dreams do come true.

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