Thursday, May 26, 2011

For all of those contemporary art lovers living in the NYC area: This is for you.

Miss Van will be having a solo exhibition entitled "Bailarinas" at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery! Starting today, May 26-June 25th, 2011, she will have an amazing display of her latest work that centers around the essence of ballerinas with a "Miss Van" twist. And from some of the sample pieces that I have seen; the exhibit looks amazing (below).

And not only will she be featuring her work in this exhibition, but she will also have a book signing event at the Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn, NY. The two books that she will be releasing entitled "Twinkles" and "Atame" are compositions of old pieces that were exhibited in galleries from years past (Atame) and new pieces of art that she has subjectively changed through her own creativity (Twinkles). To find out more about these events, click the colored words.

You know, news like this is just reconfirming why I need to relocate to an artsy/creative city where events like this occur, I mean these are one a kind events. And Miss Van has been around for over a decade now, and I am certain that this exhibition will be a must see. And as for the books, thank God for online shopping (lol).

Enjoy your week, everyone and be blessed! Peace


*Tasha said...

Thanks Inna!! I will definitely be checking this exhibit out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PurpleSkyyys said...

You're welcome...And let me know how it is!!! And take a couple pics if possible.


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