Thursday, June 16, 2011

So, last night I was surfing the web. Just looking up random stuff; listening to music, facebookin' etc... And I happened to stumble across some Nelly Furtado videos on youtube. And I just love Nelly Furtado, especially post Timbaland Nelly.

Her song, "Turn Off The Lights", which is 11 years old...(makes me feel really old) my favorite song of hers. And I remember seeing the video when I was younger and just being so attracted to the colors and how different the video was; as well as, her style.

Well it wasn't until last night that I really realized what the song was really about. Being that she always said, "Turn of the lights", constantly, I thought the song was about getting it on. But I looked up the lyrics and discovered that it is really about finding the strength within yourself to learn how to love YOU and to not always feel the need to have someone around....It was about self love and acceptance. Interesting huh???

Well, it really through me for a loop and just had me thinking. It also makes me think of what other songs I used to sing all of the time when I was younger that I really didn't know the true meaning of....I'm sure there are thousands! lol

Peace and blessings!



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