Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Flying Lotus is one peculiar artist, but in a very magical and artistic way. I just came across his new video for his single "Mmmhmm" off of his latest album Cosmogramma that dropped earlier this year. The groove is undeniable. It takes me to a higher level, automatically. The video is like a kaleidoscope of a whole bunch of unearthly things that are weird, but oh so lovely at the same time. The fellow singing on this song is an artist named Thundercat and his vocals just add to the flava of the flow. Flying Lotus has been out for years, and being the nephew of the great John Coltrane just adds to his musical genius. His music is a mix of jazz, r&b, techno mixed all together into one......And it is simply amazing!

Feel the funk yall, this is for all of my futuristic lovers out there! Enjoy!

Flying Lotus's: website



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