Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Since this past summer, I have fallen in love with the 90s R&B group Total. When I was younger, I always loved their music. But now through research and just looking back on the past and really missing good and authentic R&B, I have found a whole new appreciation for these ladies.

Kima, Keisha & Pam were three of the most swagged out women of the 90s R&B era. I mean, even if they were not singing and were only acting as a cameo in a Biggie or Lil' Kim video, these girls stood out. And on top of that, they had three of the most eclectic voices of an R&B group during this time....But the way they managed to sync them together and sound so good is what I loved the most about them. So my appreciation for them and their talent has really grown as of recently. And I just thought that I would share this with you all, especially for my people who loved the 90s that can feel where I am coming from.

The video that I am posting is of them performing back in 1995 with Puff Daddy and an interview after the show from a Video Music Box special. I hope you all enjoy this rare, yet excellent footage of these, then young ladies. It's safe to say that I really miss Total and this culture of music.

Who was your favorite group or artist of this decade? Peace

For more R&B and Hip Hop videos of the 90s, check out Egoggles's youtube channel.


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