Monday, January 17, 2011

So Miles Davis' song entitled, "Blue In Green" describes the photo of the day. Kelis is one of my favorite artists, style and fashion icons, period. And I just recently came across this picture of her that I have not seen in a while, which I love (as you all would expect lol).

Blue and Green are two of my favorite colors, and the way she has chosen to mix them into her hair color is far from amazing to me. And the leather jacket, accompanied by the blinged out necklace and the green fur and glasses say "funky-chic" in the best way. This photo was taken in 2000 at a Playboy Magazine party in New York. This photo makes me think, my how time flies and how Kelis' style and look has gotten even flier with time. That's why you gotta love Kelis. She is always staying funky and fresh no matter what.

I hope you all enjoy this pic and find it as inspiring as I do. Have a great MLK day, be safe! Peace


DaKatalyZt said...

i really love this blog sista Inna...not only do the colours mean sooo much to me personally, butha Miles Album Kind of Blue is one of my up to date personal musical influenes...☮ Out & 1 ♥



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