Thursday, January 6, 2011

If you all haven't already heard about this wonderful story, I would like to enlighten you.

Ted Williams is a 53 year old homeless man from Brooklyn, NY who has been homeless throughout the streets of Columbus, Ohio for over 10 years. If you saw Ted on the streets, most people would think of him as your average homeless man begging for change. Well, he was that on the surface but had a very special gift that most people would look over....His voice.

Mr. Williams' voice is that of a superhero, radio announcer, or news anchor....Absolutely dynamic. And through the power of youtube, his voice was heard by thousands of people and now he is off the streets and being offered so many opportunities to do voiceovers for different companies, radio stations and tv stations. His story is just so inspiring to me and it really touched my heart. It really showed me that you don't know who people are in general, whether they are a homeless on the street or a random person walking by....You never know a person's story.

Ted Williams is such a warm spirited many too, just check out the video and peep how his life changed in the course of 48 hours.

Stay inspired, yall! Peace



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