Monday, July 19, 2010

Recently, I have been on hiatus....Doing a little soul-searching and finding out more about myself and my creative side. And through this, I found that art, which has always been inspiring to me, is something that I absolutely love. I came across a great artist named Regina Agu a couple of weeks ago and her art is truly one-of-a-kind. It is a breath of fresh air and it is very whimsical and dreamy in my opinion. One of her pieces that directly inspired me is the one to the left of this post (click to enlarge).

As soon as I saw this simple drawing of a young man floating into air...I was in love. It is something very free and happy about this drawing. Don't we all wish that we could just dance around and do whatever we want at times without being judged or looked at in a weird way? Well I know that I do....And to make a long story short, after seeing this I was inspired to create a short story about a young boy based off of this picture. This is the first time that I have EVER written a short story, but why not try something different to see where it leads you right?

Artist Jesse Lott and Regina Agu

I have recently shared with Regina my love for her work and the inspiration that this piece in particular has given me and I am waiting to hear from her. Once edited, I may post the story up for you all. Possibly may even share it with the world on another level. I suggest that you all check out more of Regina's work, it is truly amazing.

Have a blessed week guys, one love!

Regina Agu's:



Tasha said...

Thanks for sharing!!! I have been needing an "art fix" lately...haven't been around any in years (feels like).


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