Friday, July 30, 2010

So there is no coincidence why purple is one of my favorite colors, why the name of this blog is "Inna Leigh's out of Her Mind and in Purpleskyyys" and why the movie The Color Purple is one of my favorite movies (lol)....Well, its a color that is just so powerful to me. It has various meanings; it can mean royalty, it is the last color of the color spectrum and represents the crown chakra.......But to me, its just a color of freedom, love and all good and positive things wrapped into one.

I came across this awesome National Geographics article last night called Life in Color: Purple. This article shows pictures from different places all over the world that have a hint of purple in them; they are simply amazing. The picture above was taken in Tasmania on an ancient bridge built in the early 1800s.....Cool right? There are more purple pic included on the link below.

And to my people who may be fans of other colors, please don't get discouraged....They have amazing pictures of red, yellow, green and everything else. So if you are as into colors and scenery like me, please check out these cool articles. National Geographics is awesome.

Well, I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I will be attending Macy's Cincinnati Jazz Festival all weekend. I will be seeing acts that range from Charlie Wilson, Erykah Badu to Raheem DeVaughn....So you know that im excited right? And with all of this color talk, let me end this post with a very COLORFUL video. Take care, yall! Peace




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