Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I hated hearing people of other ethnicities making comments like this in high school. Or, "Oh, My God! Can I touch your hair?". I heard comments and phrases like this all throughout my matriculation in high school, which was a predominately white, all girl school.

It is very uncomfortable to say the least to have a white person ask you about using the "N word" and hearing them sing a rap song assuming that you like the song and in hopes that it would make them look more cool (so corny). So to see Chescaleigh decide to make a video about typical things that white girls say to black girls is so spot on for me. Now that I look back at it, it is actually very hilarious to see that so many other Black girls have experienced this. Some may find this video offensive, but if you have never experienced this then you wouldn't understand.

I love how Chesca does this in a very tasteful manner. It's as if she is bringing awareness to this topic in a very comical/satire manner. I love it.

Have you ever heard any of these comments before? Share your experiences below.

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