Monday, January 23, 2012

Key is an amazingly talented artist born and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She has been singing ever since she could remember, as she was greatly influenced by her mother and sisters whom sung and worked out harmonies when she was a child growing up. It is honestly no surprise that her musical upbringing has led her to becoming one of the most eclectic and original singers that I have come across.

Key's songs, mostly all written by her, are full of life, wisdom and love. She is also prolific in the sense that her lyrics sit deep within your soul, almost as much as her voice, which is mellow, yet so powerful. Her song entitled, "Storm", exemplifies this as she asks;
"What time is your storm? Will you feel it too? Gaining momentum, destroying, all that you thought were the essential pieces of you."
Key really designs a song as her own with her voice, whether it be a jazz standard or R&B cut, she owns it.

What I also love about Key is her style. It is very rare that you see many artists nowadays that exude individuality as she does. Very classic and chic, she is slightly reminiscent of a young Diana Ross within her photos; playful and very intriguing. But all the while, her music is what really draws people in.

Key lived in Japan around 2001 and actually released an album their entitled, Thoughts From Key, and soon moved back to the States. Since then, she has been creating a name for herself as a solo act performing at different venues in New York; such as, the Blue Note Jazz Club and also performing background vocals for other artists. But what would be awesome is if she released an album this year, I am so ready for that! When you listen to songs like, "Deep Green" and her remix to J-Dilla & The Roots "Antiquity", you cannot help but to wonder what other kind of musical magic she has up her sleeve.

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*Tasha said...

Let me thank you now for bringing Key to the forefront. I've never heard of her but I'm super excited she's locally-based. Woooohoooo!! Hopefully, I'll be able to check her out live sometime this year.

Tameka Cousin #1 said...

Thank you so much for showing the LOVE to someone that I have been blessed to know all my life. I always knew that she was destined to be something special. Thank you again for enjoying and seeing the TRUE ARTIST that she is.

Culture said...

ive worked with key in the studio and to watch her process is a blessing. as a musician her sense of timing is impeccable. her command of language is gently powerful. she is a channel for the creative force, and a willing participant in the power of creation. one day the world will know what i know.

Anonymous said...

Masterful in her craft in such a way that when discovered there is a possibility you may not get it at first glimpse. A piece of ancient pottery, preserved linen, a hieroglyph indicating the location of a tomb where lyes treasures unmeasurable... The closer you look the more evident the depth of her talent becomes.. Quantum Key! A vibration that transends the reality of music as we all know it. A beautiful truth ..

PurpleSkyyys said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I am so happy that you love the post. Key's music is truly something special, I'm rocking with her until the end.


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