Monday, January 25, 2010

So the question of the day is, where is Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliot?
I'm just sitting here having a late night jam session going through my vault of late 90s early 2000s hits and I am realizing how Missy's music and production dominated the ending and beginning of two eras. I mean Missy is just sick. From the production, to the singing, the lyricism and outlandishly attractive videos......The woman is ill and you can tell that her vision was put into everything that she did. Whether she was producing for the late Aaliyah or thinking of a new and creative way to get her fans attention through her videos, Missy never seemed to keep us uninterested and was always re-inventing herself.

I mean really, what happened to this kind of creativity.?.?

When I think about it, it kind of upsets at how the music industry doesn't even reflect anything as fresh and creative as Missy's work. It's as if people accept this horrible music that is out there now. Everyone sounds and looks exactly the same. But enough for the pity tea party's......Music like this may not be heard now, but its timelessness is all that matters to me. Missy Elliott may not be around now as much as she used to, but music like this can never be swept under the rug. I just wish that I could turn on BET or maybe even MTV and see a video that could capture my attention with its music and visuals like Missy's did. Can I get a witness? ;-)

Well, I would like to end this post by wishing everyone a Happy Monday and I hope that positivity follows you everywhere you go.


MeLoVe said...

Wow. That is so crazy I was just going to make a post saying where is Missy? I miss Missy and Timbaland collabos.

PurpleSkyyys said...

Same here, girl...
I really want to know what's going on.....


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