Saturday, January 30, 2010

I hope everyone had a great week and weekend is going swell. I did not have classes yesterday, due to the snow that took over Nashville (Snow in NASHVILLE? Weird, right) so I have just been chilling and spending time with friends....NOT wanting to do assignments. But I already know that I need to stop fronting and finish up this report on Saudi Arabia before I get a grade that I SO don't want. So i'm a drop this Mos Def knowledge on yall for the day, one of my favorite songs of his. DJ Honda as the producer and Mos Def as the lyricist = a sick ass song. My favorite lyric from this song is:

"Memories don't live like people do, they always remember you
Whether things are good or bad, its just the memories."

The lyrics speak for themselves, so I just want you all to zone out to this soothing beat, as Mos Def mesmerizes you with his truthful words. Have a great weekend guys. Stay positive and be blessed!



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