Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't care what the world seh; (Natty Dread)
I'n'I couldn't never go astray. (Natty Dread)
Just like a bright and sunny day: (Natty Dread)
Oh, we're gonna have things our way. (Natty Dread)

I am having a Bob Marley Special tonight. Just sitting here listening to all of the songs that he made that set me free, mentally. I can remember the day that I got my hands on his Legend album at the age of 15 1/2, ever since then my life has NEVER, EVER been the same. Its because of Bob's music that I am conscious about my culture and who I am.....And I know that I am one of millions of people that feel this way about him. Grandpa Marley passed on young, but his music is more realer and relevant than ever. This musical prophet was and still is my musical savior, so I give all honor and praises to him and what he did for the world through his music. We miss you, Bob! RASTAFARI!



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