Sunday, November 8, 2009

"I feel and just really realized that I live for music". - Me

I just came back from seeing one of the year's most anticipated films, "This Is It". I think we all know by now what happened to Michael Jackson (duh) and why this movie is even playing but seeing the movie tonight made me just re-live and think about what MJ's music did for me when I was younger and still does for me after he has passed.

His music was an escape for me in 7th grade when I was really trying to find out who I was as an individual. Dealing with school, cruel kids, puberty, society etc. was hard on that 12 year old girl. I vividly remember carrying about 4 of his CDs in my backpack and sitting on the yellow bus just looking out of the window just daydreaming about life, the future and being a singer that had as huge of an impact on the world as Mike's music did. I remember going home trying to rush through my homework just so I could watch the movie "The Wiz" because he was in it.....
These things made me very happy and still do.

Now as a 20 year old young woman (It has officially been a week and a day that I have been a non-teen) I am coming to terms with what I feel my calling is, or rather, my purpose. And I feel that I have just really realized that I live for music. I don't know what that incorporates or what will happen after this but the way I acted when MJ was singing all of his old tunes just gave me an adrenalin rush full of happiness, purpose and love....Three things that are rare to find in day to day life (especially in this world). And I feel and know that I need to follow what my heart is telling me and whatever I feel will help people and myself, and I have always felt that this anecdote was music.

MJ's contribution to our society through music ALONE (let's not even think about all of his donations of charity and love to people) has impacted the whole world in a way that NO ONE ever will. I just feel that if any way I can serve people through music like Mike did, then my mission on this Earth will be worth living for.

Seeing movies like that slightly scare me because they open up my eyes to so many things about myself that kind of startle me, but knowing is beautiful and I just thank MJ for everything he has done for music and the world...But most importantly, I thank God for putting him on this Earth.

I just feel so inspired right now so I had to write this to share with you all. I hope that one day all of you, if you already haven't, figure out why you live....

What do you love?

What makes you happy?
What would not make life worth living if something was taken from you?

I hope this inspires you to think like it has inspired me...
This is my proclamation to the world about what I believe...

You all should make one, too...
Thank you, MJ...God Bless you all!



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