Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello my faithful followers!
I hope that all is well and that you all are living life to your best ability. Well recently, school has been grabbing me by the ears and will not allow me to have time for anything else (how selfish school can be). Sometimes things get so overwhelming that I feel that I am not inspired creatively, WHICH IS SOMETHING THAT I HATE because I then feel empty and slightly lost. But right when I thought things were getting a little slow, I wrote a poem/free write...Which I haven't done since this summer and I felt so much better. Just releasing your feelings in a positive way really helps you undertake stress and feel better about things in general. Just the general feeling of writing and being in the zone of what is going on with ME helps me become more aware of my surroundings when it comes to who I AM.

Today I was feeling again that I needed to release myself creatively, this time artistically, and I did another autoshop on one of my pictures. This is something that I started to do alot with pictures since MJ passed (you can see some of those in my tribute post to MJ), but now I guess I will be doing it with other pictures. As a couple people may know, Amy Winehouse is a great inspiration to me. Her story, who she is as a woman and her life struggle is all too familiar to me. So I saw this picture of her and felt a connection with it and how I am currently feeling at this time and just started posting words to it that I feel describes Amy, me and women as human beings that are often misunderstood. I hope that you all like it, because I know that I love it. It is so me.

Well I hope that everyone has a great weekend, stay blessed and keep God first!
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