Friday, November 27, 2009

If it is not obvious by the kind of music that I write about and post on my blog, it can be assumed that I am NOT a fan of modern day music.....Which I am not. I am not into all of this pop stuff that people are going cookoo over....It is just not REAL MUSIC to me and does not penetrate my ears and soul like music should....So i pass on what these record companies call themselves giving to the people called music, its HOGWASH!

On a lighter note (lol)

Since I have been home for Thanksgiving Break I have been doing more research on music and I just learned that one of the greatest producer's ever, Timbaland, is working on his second independent album called Shock Value II. Now Shock Value I came out a couple years ago and feature hits like "The Way I Are" and "Apologize". Many of the songs on the album featured other artists such as Keri Hilson, Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado just to name a few while all of the beats were created by Mr. Mosley himself.

I saw his performance for "Morning After Dark" which is a single off of SVII on the American Music Awards on Sunday and loved it so much that I youtubed it and found a clearer version:

I just love Timbaland's intricate and outlandish beats, but I also love the wide range of artists that he puts on his albums. He does not allow people to box his music into any specific music genre, he brings all kinds of flavors to the table. This is something that I respect and can always appreciate from an artist.

Another song off of the album that I am loving is called "Say Something" which features Drake, whom is a modern day singjay which is a reggae music term used to describe a singer and rapper. I have never been a fan of Drake but this song has changed my mind. The beat lures me in along with his voice.

Shock Value 2 drops December 8, 2009 and I don't usually ever tell people to go and cop anything anymore but I guarantee that this will be an excellent album. And if you still aren't convinced, i'm sure the buzz will push you to do it.

P.S. Check out Lupe Fiasco's freestyle to Timbaland's "Say Something" beat...It is the illest rap I have heard in a while! Ya gotta save the best for last!
Peace and Love!



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