Monday, October 19, 2009

So my good ol' friend from school who I have like minds with when it comes to our beliefs and interests; socially, intellectually, and emotionally, just referred me to a video. I was actually contacting her to put her onto this documentary on Mos Def that is on Current TV, but like always, she has something to put me on to in return that I appreciate...

There is a movie called "A War For Your Soul" that really depicts why African Americans live the way we do today in this American society. It shows the factors that have led up to our deadly and evil "trip" that led us to this land and how we have progressed and digressed as a people since then...

I don't want to talk too much without being biased and expressing my opinion too much, because I know that I could...So I would just like for you all, ESPECIALLY if you are African American to PLEASE watch this movie..It will not take too much of your time...

I just suggest for the Black people not only in America but all around the GLOBE to WAKEUP to who they are and what they are capable of...This is easier said then done but we have to start somewhere!

Special shoutout to Reggie Bullock, the creator of this wonderful movie that has blessed the eyes of over 1.5 million internet viewers all around the world. It takes BLACK MEN like him to bring things like this to our attention without being afraid of what ANYONE has to say.

Please be inspired by this, let me know how you feel...
Take care peeps...God Bless!

A War For Your Soul-Birmingham version from Erisai Films on Vimeo.

For more info on "A War For Your Soul" or Reggie Bullock:

Film's website

Reggie Bullock's Facebook

Reggie Bullock's Twitter



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