Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This man is far....FAR from amazing....He is beyond and above it. His music has always touched me in a special place; in my mind, body and soul ANYTIME it penetrates my ears.

I am talking about The Great: Mos Def.

This man has been delivering sick rhymes for the past two decades that makes people groove, shake their booty or sit down and think and rewind the dope line that he just spit. He is so on another level compared to what most rappers or so called "Hip Hop" artists are doing today, even after his first solo release in 1999 (Black on Both Sides, sick album) he has been able to stay afloat and well-respected in the game....Moreover....He still makes QUALITY MUSIC which is lacking in today's mainstream music.

It was brought to my sister's attention that there was going to be a show about him on Current TV this past weekend and that it was a must see. He was basically followed by a Current camera crew while doing some shows in Japan, since it was his first time back their in about 9 years. In the documentary, you see him performing some of his "oldie but goodie" songs from over the years and songs from his new album, The Ecstatic, which dropped this past June..But you have to see the kind of man that Mos really is.....I have always admired his sincerity, ambition and determination as a man. If he believes in something, he will go hard for it no matter what people say and this documentary shows that sense of pride within him.

Below is the documentary that I know if you are a true fan of REAL MUSIC will appreciate, I just had to drop this masterpiece on you guys and spread the love:

I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Please keep the spirit of positive and loving music alive: WE NEED IT! Much love to Brotha Mos, always.

More information on Mos Def:


P.S., look at the album art from his recent album that I posted at the beginning of this entry...I love it!



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