Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok, so I am officially in love with Amy Winehouse's music. My roommate has always been a fan of this songbird and for the three years I have known her, she has always swore by her music. Without even a hesitation, I always used to cut her up and say "wow, her music is not that great. Look at the woman and her life, she is a mess". Now, when I look back on how I used to be so closed-minded towards this girl's music, I don't understand why I was so anal in believing that she was garbage. But just recently, I have been listening to her music and it s**** on so many artists that its not even funny.

Her voice to me is the epitome of a soul; a soul that has been through it all. I feel like like I am her so much when I hear her sing; she has a universal voice that speaks to everyone in my opinion. Although the young lady has gone through many trials and shortcomings recently in her life, I feel that people forget that she is just human....Just like I did when she was first brought to my attention. And like the old church folks used to say, "trouble don't last always". I just pray that she gets it together soon. She has a true gift and it is shown through her music. The way she uses Nas's "Made You Look" beat and recovers it into a soulful R&B song like this blows my mind, not every kind of "singer" can do this......Only an artist with an eclectic ear for sounds can do this....And by God she did it! I listen to this song TOO MANY times a day.

I am still researching her music at this time, so I will update you on more findings about Amy, her life and her music in the future. Just know that she is a British singer that has been highly influenced by the Jazz, Soul and R&B music of America. She has released two albums; one called Frank in 2003, which was re-released in America in 2007 and her more recognized album Back To Black, which was released in 2006 that won her 5 grammys. I love this girl's music so much. Enjoy!

Check out these other songs of her's that I love:



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