Monday, November 7, 2011

I happened to come across this video via Facebook off of my friend's wall, shout out to Savage Ballet. Being that he is a Hip-Hop artist, many of his posts are videos or links of up and coming or already established artists that are really dope. A couple days ago, he posted this video and I was amazed.

Fable is a Hip Hop artist from Chi-Town and this is the debut video for his song entitled, "I Beg To Differ", and it's HOT! This song screams Hip-Hop; the lyrics, the laid-back beat. And what I like about the video is that there is no special effects (rumpshaking, Benzs & flashing lights); real scenery that matches the content of a real song.

This video is just so refreshing to see because, it let's me know that people out there are still pumping out that real Hip-Hop. Big ups to this brotha, this is for the real Hip-Hop Headz out there!

Peace & Enjoy

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