Monday, November 21, 2011

My favorite online magazine, Ghubar Magazine, has finally released their November issue. And what's so fabulous about this particular issue is that it is all about Green!

I honestly used to despise the color green as a child, but it was not until a couple years ago in college that I grew to love the color. A color of so many meanings and full of expression; I love how Ghubar Mag chose to focus on this color and how it has become a new favorite in the fashion world and everyday style.

I also like the fact that Ghubar not only talked about Green fashion, but how "going green" is an initiative that can be very beneficial for our environment and personal health.

This new issue is something that you can truly learn from, whether you are looking for some new fashion tips or new ways to be more conscious about your surroundings. Be sure to check this issue out, guys! I'm loving the photo shoot spreads, as well.

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