Friday, April 22, 2011

My girls are back; Les Nubians are officially back in full effect!!!

It has been over 5 years since these two Afropean sisters of Cameroonian and French decent have released an album. And I am so happy that their fans from all over the world will finally be able to hear some good music full of love, inspiration and positivity.

Today, I happened to run across their video for their latest single, Afrodance, off their new album entitled, Nu Revolution. I had previously heard the song a couple months ago and honestly forgot about it, but there is no way I can with this amazing video.

This song is simply about celebrating natural hair, in all forms. I also interpret it as a song that celebrates Black people and who we are, as well. I just love the positive message behind it, and the video is just amazing. I have always been in love with Les Nubians' style and beauty and this video really exemplifies that. The different hairstyles, the people of all different shades and tones, the videography and is truly irresistible!

I hope you all sincerely enjoy this video and song as much as I do. Cop that album, and support good music by two beautiful sistas!

Have a happy Friday, and a happy Good Friday to all of those that celebrate Easter! I can't wait to make my basket! lol Peace

Les Nubians - Afrodance from Nice Dissolve on Vimeo.



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