Monday, September 13, 2010

So I am playing around with the GarageBand application on my new Macbook and I happen to record myself singing the first verse to one of my favorite songs, "Seven Days", by Mary J. Blige. This is the first song that I learned all of the words to, purposely. This was because, not only did I love the song to death, but I actually understood what the lyrics meant at a young age (how proud I was lol).

So I just had to look up this video and share it with you all. In this video, Mary looks so beautiful, relaxed and calm. I can't help but to think of all of the things that she dealt with prior to her "Share My World" album when I look at this video, and I get so happy to think of how far Mary has come. She looks absolutely stunning in this video, a far way from the broken-hearted girl that she was in her "Real Love" and "My Life" days.

So this song is tributed to all of my smooth-groove lovers out there, and most importantly, my MJB fans out there! On the late night tip! Peace and love!



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