Thursday, August 12, 2010

I came across this photo via and I was just in awe and amazed by these three young ladies.

The Caribana Festival popped off in Toronto, Canada a couple weekends ago, which is a festival that celebrates Caribbean culture in all forms. A young lady by the name of Eniola, who is a rising fashion designer and featurette of, went to the event and took pictures of the many beautiful Black people of Toronto with natural hair. This happened to be one of the photos and the beauty of these three women is captivating to me. Their style, sassiness and all was just inspiring to me. I just love to see Black women doing their own thing, naturally. And to me, these are the beauties of the week. Please check the link to see more pictures from the event, from what I heard, it was pretty live.

So to all of my beautiful Black Queens out there, keep doing ya thang! Big up yaself!
Have a great weekend, everybody! Roll it!

Eniola's fashion blog: Creationdavid
Natural hair at Caribana 2010



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