Monday, December 5, 2011

Yes, people, this duo has done it again! For those of you that follow my blog, you may remember the album review and video that I did talking about their debut LP, Black Up, which was released in June. Since then, they have been touring, doing a few interviews and staying under the radar (as usual). But low and behold, an official video entitled Black Up has been released by Sub Pop Records and it is the epitome of greatness.

This video is more like a short film to me. It is full of many different elements and it is like they are trying to tell an urban story. It is actually very hard for me to explain, but Shabazz Palaces is good for this. They want the people to make their own interpretation of the music and their art, which I have always loved and had respect for. But in retrospect, the videography is well done and it really leaves the viewer wondering, thinking and deciphering what they just saw. I love it. I also love that they played a mix of almost all of the songs from their album within this video, giving us a true taste of their musical talent.

This video is awesome, guys. Let me know what you all think of it.
This is one of those videos that you must forward on to people, it is that hot!

P.S. It looks as if Palaceer Lazaro A.K.A. Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler (the main cat in the video) will be very busy in 2012. He will be reuniting with the Digable Planets for a new album and tour! All praises due to the Hip Hop heavens!

Digable Planets reunion info: here
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