Monday, July 18, 2011

Shabazz Palaces is a group that is very hard to explain. With few interviews available throughout the internet, it is hard to really put a face/personality with this group. But the music really does it for you.

This incredibly interesting group consists of two members, Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler of the legendary Hip Hop group Digable Planets and Tendai Maraire; both hailing from Seattle, Washington. And ever since their beginning stages as a duo back in 2009/2010, this group has kept a low profile and has received buzz through dedicated fans, music blogs and Youtube videos.

Many may ask what is so extraordinary about this group; why so much hype?... And the reason is because of their sound. It is significantly different than any other music that is out there right now. At first listen, it is hard to put a "label" or to assign this group to any genre because the way the music meshes together amongst all of the instruments and beats is incredible.

After the release of two EPs, this group has signed with SubPop Records and has released their first full length album entitled, Black Up, which has received rave reviews amongst many media sites and blogs. And there is no need to doubt that the unique sound that exudes from this album is the cause of this.

From beginning to end, this album is a classic. From songs like Are you... Can You...Were You? (Felt) which explains the feelings of everyday life to the haunting, yet addictive beat of An Echo From The Hosts That Profess Infinitum and the smooth and bass-filled song, Recollection of The Wraith where Palaceer Lazaro (Butler) speaks about "clearing space out so we can space out" ...This album is truly one of a kind and will definitely have you spaced out.

What I, and I am sure many SP listeners appreciate the most about this group is that they are really refreshing our ears to a wave of new music that has never truly been heard before...And if it has, it has not been tapped into the way Shabazz Palaces has. The fusion of Hip Hop, Dance and Afro-beat that I hear from this album really takes me outside of the normal music that I hear on the radio or that is pushed by mainstream media.

The time has already come for this wave to come in and people are truly receiving it. Shabazz Palaces has a very bright future as far as music goes and their choice to step outside of the box with their whole persona as a group, including their music is commendable. I suggest EVERYONE go cop this album or at least listen to some of their songs and just be inspired by their individuality.

Here is a video of me going into further detail about Shabazz Palaces and this album, ENJOY! for Shabazz Palaces



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