Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kim is back!

Lil' Kim is back, yall! With all of this recent Nicki Minaj rae-rae I have been longing for Kim or Foxy to come out with something....and low and behold Kim gives her fans a sneak peak of one of her new songs called "Pussy Purr". I am very excited to hear Lil' Kim's voice and know that she is not letting the game play her, but I am not a fan of this song......When you all listen, I am pretty sure you will know why. It sounds too similar to the rapper that I mentioned before. Kim knows better than this and could've came so much harder than this....But I will not underestimate the Queen. She is my favorite female rapper and I know her better than, "making a pussy purr"....But we shall see what other songs that she has to drop this summer..... But you all be the judge, what do yall think?




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