Tuesday, May 15, 2012

As it has officially been a year since I graduated from college, I find it interesting that I knew this time last year that more than likely I would not be returning to school in the near future (like many of my classmates did) and that just picking up any job just to get money so I could get by would not work (been there, done that).  There are some people who cannot operate like that, me being one of them.

As I came across this video this weekend, it literally spoke to me, and I am sure to so many young adults out there that have seen it.  Nubia I Sutton, a wholistic practitioner and health advocate, created this video dedicated to one of her subscribers that is a young woman in her 20's that is realizing that working a regular 9 to 5 may please her parents and her ego, but is ultimately dissatisfying to her heart.

And this post is not to criticize nor judge those who do work regular jobs, because if you are following your heart and working within a field that is fulfilling to your passion, then you are indeed working in alignment with the true blessings and God given talents that were bestowed upon you.  And Nubia's message can also resonate with you in some kind of way, as we all go through life trying to find that perfect job, career or thing that makes up happy.

This video pretty much spoke directly to me and brought me to the realization of the importance of being real with yourself and who you are.

Nubia I Sutton:
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