Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello, everyone!
I recently received an internship with one of the greatest institutions within my city, The Cincinnati Art Museum.

I feel so privileged to be able to work at a place that is seen as a school in a sense of education for the community through art. This is something that I have always wanted to do and to be chosen out of a bunch to do it makes me feel great.

What I will be doing is working with their Art For Life program. I do not know the exact details, but I know that I will be going into the Cincinnati community teaching people from 1 to 101 year of age about art through different, activities, programs, seminars etc...

I am so excited and I cannot wait to start. When I get a camera, I will begin to take pictures of their different collections to share with you all.

This painting is one of my favorite works of art that was at the Museum's recent exhibition called Aesthetic Comfort which displayed the art of Ryan McGinness.

Being that I love colors and symbols so much, this painting talks to me in a way that no one else could understand. It speaks to me about life, inspiration and LOVE in different ways.

I know some people find art very boring. But I know that everyone in the world has seen some kind of object, statue, painting or subject that speaks to them in sort of way.......This means that the creator of the subject is an artist in their own right. I urge all of you to go to your local museum and or art gallery in your neighborhoods to learn more about your city, culture and history through ART.

To learn more about the Museum, click here ...


Queen Tahj. said...

Congratulations! I love the new background!

creativewisdom said...

congrats on the internship i know how it feels when hard work pays off!!! :)


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